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We are dedicated to doing whatever we can to improve the quality of disc golf play here in the Springs. Kwik Discs is very actively involved in local events in Colorado Springs, like leagues and tournaments.

History of Kwik Discs

History of Kwik Discs

Even before Kwik Discs was born in 2016, the founder Navtej Chalal had already fallen deeply in love with the sport of Disc Golf. When he was in school, he was never the biggest and most athletic person, so he was not able to excel at the mainstream sports that were available. However, nav has always had great hand-eye coordination, which gave him a great advantage at disc golf.

Nav became a REALLY good disc golfer and used his resources to donate to the local disc golf community, with a heavy focus on helping and teaching kids excel in the sport. No doubt pouring back into kids, who much like him at their age, weren’t the biggest and/or most athletic.

On top playing, Nav became an avid disc golf disc collector, building a collection of over five thousand plus discs. After realizing he couldn’t possibly throw them all (lol), he started to gift them to his friends. That’s when he started to get requests for specific discs and realized there was a need to be filled as there were no disc golf pro shops in Colorado Springs at the time. So, he started to buy discs in bulk and sell them to his friends at a price lower than most dealers, and BOOM, Kwik Discs was born.

Six years ago, Nav started to officially sell discs out of his father’s convenience store, “Kwik Way”, and was known as a disc golf shop in a convenience store. Since then, discs have been taking over the space and at the beginning of 2020, Nav decided to turn up his disc golf efforts. As a result, the store is becoming known as a disc golf pro shop with a convenience store in it, as opposed to the other way around.

Today Nav is very excited about the future of Kwik Discs Pro Shop, as well as the future of the sport. “You can start with just one disc,” says Navtej Chahal, “Once you play disc golf, it’ll grab you and become a passion.”

If you live in Colorado, we hope to see you at the shop. If you live abroad, next time you visit Colorado, stop in, grab a few discs and get a dose of what we have to offer in person.

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Amazing selection, has an entire selection of signature discs

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Sweet spot! Picked up a mini disc basket!! On Vacation

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Best place in springs for discs! Guy was super nice and knowledgeable